Board of Directors/Committee Members

Patrick McLaughlin – Chairman of the Board/Executive Director

Susan Krinkie РVice Chair

Laurel Knutson – Member of the Board (Music Therapist, Minneapolis VAMC)


Committee Members

Jerry Kyser – President, Minnesota Vietnam Veterans of America

~Article From about Jerry Kyser

Randy Dewitz – CFM, St. Paul Parks & Recreation

Kathryn Larson – Music Therapist, Minneapolis VAMC

Susan Thoburn – Speech Pathologist

Jennifer Perez – Volunteer Coordinator

Tammy Svendson – Silent Auction Committee/Fundraising

Kim Tollefson Ury – Fundraising Committee



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  1. Andrew Keller Reply

    Hello my name is Andrew Keller I am a Disabled Marine Corps Veteran, and the Veterans Outreach Coordinator at Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge. What does this event entail and are we able to represent MnTC here? Thank you for all you do for veterans! My number is 612-238-6352. We would also be interested in helping to sponsor the event if needed

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