Music Festival with a Difference


I have often experienced the incredible, mood-altering potential of music to transform and make a dull day exciting. I am pretty sure good music does have the same effect on you. It’s why Vets For Music tirelessly organizes for exciting musical festivals to impact our communities’ veterans and their families through the power of live music. Whether you are a military veteran, country or blues fan or a just a good music lover, then this music festival is for you. It’s an opportunity to come and have a blast with friends and families while dancing to great music and enjoying great meals.

Why attend this event?
It brings restoration for our military veterans
This is a festival organized to celebrate our veterans who have bravely served our country at any time and in any branch of the service. It is my hope that self-expression through the wonderful gift of music can help restore feelings of purpose and fulfillment that can be lost after going through traumatizing events.

Promotes social bonding
Veterans build confidence and interact freely with family and friends helping to mend relationships where broken as everyone raises their voice in song in our festival.

Formula for relaxation
The great blues and country music often played relaxes and enable you engage with inner feelings in ways never thought possible. It is amazing how music can effortlessly calm you down and enable you deal with even the most stressful situations.

Music has health benefits
Besides the ability of music to make the heart and soul feel at ease, there are endless ways that it can help heal both the body and soul. Music offers many health benefits among them;

  • It promotes the brain function such as reading, boosts memory, reasoning, improves concentration and attention
  • It improves athletic performance by helping to reduce fatigue
  • It can reduce feelings of physical pain

Experience a live music experience at the Vets Fest and discover the amazing power of good music.