Music can truly touch lives and bring about reactions and responses that are tucked away inside one’s self. It can be felt deep down in your body and soul. It can raise or lower heart rates and respirations. It can stir up emotions and memories with a familiar melody, or start a toe tapping with an engaging beat.
Music can bring a smile to someone’s face even when nothing else will. It can inspire one to dance, even as they sit in their chair; expressing with a nod of their head along with the beat, moving their arms and hands as they experience what the music is stirring in them.

Perhaps you have experienced this reaction yourself, or have seen someone else inspired by music. Maybe you’ve seen someone who has not shown any reactions to any stimuli; no smiles, no facial expressions, but when they experience music, their face lights up with smiles and opened eyes….they come to life! Their bodies are charged with energy…from the music…enriched by the sounds! Music is an outlet for expression and a healing element in all of our lives.

~Laurel Knutson

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  1. Dale Haagenstad Reply

    A Great Vet Program. Dale Haagenstad USMC

  2. Jeff LeBaron Reply

    Music is one of the components used with veterans at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center in their PPH program for veterans suffering from symptoms of PTSD. It helps them relax and also encourages group participation. For veterans dealing with PTSD, group interaction can be difficult and akward. Music helps weld the two together helping the veteran cope with isolation and guilt. When I met Pat and he explained what he was going to do with Vets Fest, my first words were, “it’s about time”. We have music festivals for everything else, why not show in a fun way, our support for Minnesota veterans who served our country and gave some, while others served our country and gave all. Veterans love music also, so keep up the good work Pat. I for one hope major sponsors realize the importance of remembering those who served as nearly every company in Minnesota and in every state has been blessed with employees from a military background. Get onboard to show your support for such a worthy cause as Vets Fest.

    Jeff LeBaron
    Executive Director
    Pets Loyal 2 Vets

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