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Using the power of live music, Vets for music’s goals are threefold:

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Vets for Music's mission is to positively impact our communities' veterans through the power of live music.

Using the power of live music.... learn more

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Please help raise awareness and spirits through the gift of music by donating funds to help keep the Vets Fests return!

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VetsFest 2019

VetsFest July 27, 2019
Richard Walton Park
1548 Hadley Avenue
Oakdale, MN

Schedule of events:

11:45 Opening Ceremony
12:00 Craig Clark Band
1:30 Huey Reenactment
2:00 Pat McLaughlin Band
3:30 Vintage War Plane Flyover
4:30 pm CROW
5:45 pm Closing Ceremony


Latest News Releases

BOB Total Country – VetsFest

At VetsFest, on July 7, 2018 at  Richard Walton Park, all WWII veterans will be invited to step forward for a moment of special recognition.  

We’re looking for helpful volunteers with a compassionate heart to help with the upcoming VetsFest event in July 2018. Please contact Jennifer Perez at for more information.  

  I have often experienced the incredible, mood-altering potential of music to transform and make a dull day exciting. I am pretty sure good music does have the same effect on you. It’s why Vets For Music tirelessly organizes for exciting musical festivals to impact our communities’ veterans and their families through the power of live music. Whether you are a military veteran, country or blues fan or a just a good music lover, then this music festival is for you. It’s … read more

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